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Motor Movers are designed to make it simple, safe and easy to position your caravan. With an easy-to-use remote control, electric motors mean you can move the caravan forwards or backwards, and can turn and position it effortlessly and accurately, fitting into the tightest spot without problems.

Models for single-axle use have two motor units (one per side) and twin-axle units have four in total. The units are powerful and capable of dealing with comparatively steep inclines where manual moving would be extremely difficult.

We can supply, and can offer professional fitting to the highest standards. The full range is available and we can advise you of the one most suitable for your caravan. Please contact us for details.

Powrtouch Motor Movers

Powrtouch freedom caravan moverPowrtouch Freedom
Designed to fit caravans with shock absorbers or that have a narrow gap between the chassis and the tyre. Freedom incorporates a reduction gearbox to provide more moving power to the caravan wheels than other traditional caravan movers. This model is capable of moving a 1,500 Kgs (approx 1.5UK tons) caravan up a 1 in 4 slope and has an 8-way directional control with different speed settings.

Powrtouch evolution manual caravan moverPowrtouch Evolution Manual
Intended for fitment to any European manufactured single axle caravans, and with a new lightweight and compact design, this caravan mover will also now fit all the range of smaller caravans and trailer tents without the need for any extra fitting or chassis modifications. With its exceptional power and improved traction it will drive any caravan (regardless of its weight) up slopes in excess of 1 in 4 (25%). Available as manual single axle, twin axle or all-wheel drive versions.

Powrtouch evolution manual caravan moverPowrtouch Evolution Auto
With similar specifications to the manual, the auto version features automatic roller engagement controlled from the handset for simple and easy use. The 8-way controller enables easy placement of your caravan and the unit is capable of handling any caravan (regardless of its weight). As with other Powrtouch movers, the auto features High power 4-pole double wound motors delivering maximum power to the rollers. Available as auto twin or single axle, and manual all-wheel drive versions.

Reich Motor Movers

Reich basic caravan moverReich Easy Driver Basic
Whether single axle or tandem axle: The easydriver will guide your mobile home into any space. Down to a fraction of an inch in the narrowest area. Winner of many awards, the Easy Driver can also be operated via a smartphone app to make positioning your caravan even simpler and the patented technology ensures long and trouble-free operation. Available as single or twin axle versions.

Reich Easy Driver Pro caravan moverReich Easy Driver Pro
With similar specifications to the Easy Driver Basic, the pro can also be operated easily via its wireless remote control, or through a smartphone app. The Easy Driver Pro includes fully automatic engagement, making it extremely simple and easy to use. Its low profile makes it suitable for virtually any caravan chassis and it is built to last.

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