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Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi solutions

It can be difficult and frustrating trying to get online and stay in touch when away from home. Wi-fi available on sites may have low signal strength, and mobile connections can be weak. We can help!

We are authorised suppliers and installers of Motorhome Wifi products, and can supply and fit systems configured to suit your individual requirements. Two overall options are available, the first boosts an external wi-fi signal, providing your own secure internal wi-fi network. Alternatively, for truly out-and-about use, our 4G system includes an installed, roof-mounted aerial and internal receiver/wi-fi router, offering up to five times the performance of your mobile phone.

As with all our services, we can come and install on site at your convenience. Please contact us for a quote or further information or advice.

Fully Installed Wi-Fi Signal Booster

iBoost Wi-Fi Booster System The iBoost system is designed to amplify an existing wi-fi signal and share it, providing you with your own secure network. This makes it ideal for locations such as caravan sites, where wi-fi is available, but where the signal might be weaker than ideal. The setup incorporates an efficient antenna, which can be extended up to 50 cm above the roofline of your caravan or mobile home, making it easier to clear obstructions that could otherwise interrupt the signal.

Setting up is extremely simple. Just extend the aerial, then rotate it to maximise the signal strength, which is displayed on a web interface. The aerial outperforms an equivalent omni-directional unit in almost every case. It has a 90 degree coverage angle, so minimal adjustment is required and the forward-facing side is clearly marked for further ease of use. When fully lowered, the aerial is only 24cm high; less than a similar satellite dome.

The system is compatible with any wi-fi enabled device and offers up to 99 connections, so you can use laptops, iPads, tablets, smartphones, kindles, etc. simultaneously. WPA2 encryption with your own, unique password is incorporated for security. A hard-wired ethernet socket is also provided. The unobtrusive and compact internal router is powered from your caravan or motorhome power supply and uses very little power.

iBoost antenna. Dimensions, height 24cm (fully lowered), 50cm (fully extended), 120mm diameter
Internal router. Dimensions, 68mm (L) x 28mm (W) x 19mm (H)
Total weight. 1.2 kg (both units)
Power supply. 12v DC. Hard wired, or cigar-lighter socket
Wi-Fi Security. WPA2
Output. Ethernet socket, Wi-Fi. Up to 99 connections supported

Fully Installed 4G System

iBoost Wi-Fi Booster System For locations without any existing wi-fi signal, or for complete independence, our fully installed 4G system gives you true connection on the move. The package includes a roof-mounted aerial, internal router, docking and charging mount, and a pre-pay SIM card ready to get you started. There is even a built-in battery, allowing up to eight hours use if disconnected from your own supply.

The low-profile, roof-mounted aerial has a dual-polarised passive configuration for ultimate performance. The mounting is suitable for roofs up to 70mm thickness and is fully sealed. The aerial unit is available in black or white, has been extensively tested and is now standard fitment on a number of new model caravans. Compact and attractive, the 4G receiver/wi-fi router installation includes a mounting cradle, providing charging for the inbuilt battery. The unit has a 1.45 inch LCD screen, providing information about connection status, speed, data usage and connected devices. There is also a web interface and free, downloadable apps.

Compatible with 4G, 3G and 2G signals, the system offers download speeds of up to 150Mbps (4G, maximum) when used with with the dual-polarised aerial, and the wi-fi hotspot supports up to ten simultaneously connected devices. The unit is factory unlocked, so you can choose any network operator with your own SIM card. The system is supplied with a Three pay-as-you-go SIM, which can be topped up and covers a multitude of countries in Europe and beyond.

4G antenna. Dual-polarised, dual-cable MIMO design. Installed height 62mm
Operational Bands. LTE / Cellular. 4G, 3G, 2G compatible
Aerial Frequencies. 698-960MHz, 2.3bBi. 1700-2700MHz, 5dBi
Communication systems. LTE FDD. LTE TDD. UMTS. HSUPA. HSPA+GSM. GPRS. EDGE
Speed. (Maximum) LTE FDD 150Mbps. LTE TDD 112Mbps
Network. Factory unlocked to all mobile networks

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